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"Recently I commissioned Rosemary Eagles to create an abstract artwork for me. I approached Rosemary because she is an established, talented New Zealand contemporary artist and because I knew she would understand my brief and produce a beautiful piece of art.

True to form, the resulting painting was exactly what I had envisaged and more. Rosemary has an eye for detail and a unique and wonderful talent with the way in which she uses texture and captures light in her work.

I also admire Rosemary's still life paintings, in particular her beautiful floral and New Zealand works. I commissioned her to paint a Gardenia flower for me. The painting required layering of white on white and clever use of light grey to achieve the desired result. I imagined it would not be an easy task, however Rosemary executed a very beautiful painting which is subtle and elegant in its shape and form. It is a very peaceful and beautiful painting which I never tire of admiring."

S Eller
Auckland, New Zealand

May 2010

"I have followed Rosemary’s art for over 13 years and for me it always resonates with energy and vitality. She is a hugely talented NZ contemporary artist who finds diverse inspiration in the New Zealand environment.

Rosemary has an astounding ability to see beauty, light and form in seemingly everyday aspects of our surroundings. With her characteristic boldness she captures her inspiration with a range of styles, from abstract interpretations to vivid realism.

There is no doubt that her work challenges us to look more closely at what is around us, to see things differently and as a result appreciate the stunning artworks that she creates.

Whatever her influence at the time, whether it’s coastal landscapes, native flora or rock forms she has a wonderful capacity to capture a vibrancy and vitality that reflects our unique New Zealand environment."

N Burton
Auckland. New Zealand

April 2010

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